Saturday, October 3, 2009

Peace train soundin' louder : 11 folks who slammed my art!

I don't know if anyone has ever posted a list of GREAT ART SLAMS!
These are 11 comments from folks who weren't too crazy about some of the art in my Deviant Art gallery. For those who aren't familiar with it, Deviant Art is a large art community website that's open to anyone who wishes to display their art, photograph, what have you. Most of these comments are directed at my "Daily Deviation" painting entitled SWEET ROSIE BLOOM. A Daily Deviation is when a particular piece of art is highlighted for a day out of all the images posted and featured as being note worthy.

Let me preface by saying they are all entitled to their opinions and I
respect their honesty.

But, boy, are they funny and do they sting!

..And a way we go.......

1) I am sorry to say but I don't really like this deviant. Not that it
should matter to you. I think it would have looked a whole lot better
without her breasts hanging out, not to mention the size of them. The
detail is excellent but in my opinion the nudity really takes away from
the rest of the art.

2) boobs boobs boobs. they make me puke.
but i love how you gave a red-haired girl a realistic complexion. she
looks like she spent too long at the beach, heh. the flowers are...
strange... i can't stop looking at them.... what i love most about this is
the colors, though. i'm really just trying to see past/give in to/ignore
the fascination with tits in the features lately.

3) I find this repulsive!

4) Well, unconstructive art asks for unconstructive comments.

5) This reminds me of those little sad eyed kids pictures from the 70s....or all the wrong reasons probably. Sorry, can't say I like this one. I'mno prude, and maybe if I were a guy I'd be all slavering... But I think her breasts look like some kind of mutant cow-udder, and her face looks lushed and feverish (not in a good way - more like scarlet fever rash). Iassume her arms are under her breasts to hold them up, otherwise the sheerweight of them might rip them right off of her body. Your gallery shows a lot of talent in your illustration.
Accentuation is fine, as is charicature... I just don't like this one. Sorry.

On a positive note, I guess.. um... I do really like the colours in the
background and the stylized illustration of the hair. And she's gotta be
safe from vampires. Yeah.

Obviously there's talent here. So sad to see it wasted on such an ugly, malformed image. Sadder still to see it focused on as something beautiful. Wonder how the men turned on by this pic would react to see pics of men with elephantiasis of the penis.

6) LOL! I couldn't agree more. But what can you say, men are strange

7) damn, those are too big to the point of being disgusting. pretty colors

8) o_o ODD picture to say the least. No offense on ANY levels at all, mind you. It's just very different. The breasts are just... ugh.. they rather disgust me because they're just... they're just out there and disturbingly oversized to the point you almost feel sorry for her.
I am... rather confused with her expression. I know people say it's a pout and perhaps to some degree, yes. @@; Uhm.. but when I look at it, she looks like she's been to Dionysus' first huge party and had way too much of that incredibly strong wine used on that Cyclopse from the story The Odyssey. o_o;

9)This picture would undoubtedly be soo much more gorgeous if those large breasts weren't hanging out like that, and I am so sorry. x.x; I don't wanna make ya feel bad on any account!! It's very well done, the flowers are beautiful and her hair is simply gorgeous, but I think those breasts just ruin the whole thing! Such potential and then seemingly (of course, I must be in the minority. x.x; ) ruined by an eerily large bust.

10) you see seb, when you take sure a beautiful picture and the artistic
skill that you have... you waste a painting and your time by making
something so obscure such as oversized breasts to the point of disbelief.
it's really unfortunate that you chose that path - this really could have
been a very, very beautiful painting.

11)YOU are surreal and dream-like so i guess its all fitting. I have
pleasured my eyes with your art for a long time. Finally now others can
bask in the glory of your overly detailed, and most shinny folds, be they
skin. leather, or other.



  1. yeah, some people just like to make you feel small.

  2. Most of the deviant artists dont want to see flesh=They want to see furry animal people! Funny the things people say..SCREW EM!!

  3. It's all just people's opinions. What really counts in this life?

  4. Public opinion... sigh. What can you do? I get so irritated with the poor spelling and grammar that I lose focus on their complaints. You should post the controversial image in question with this.